Lost Friendship Rekindled

Friendships are funny things. Sometimes they start easily, burning hot at first, but fizzle out and die a short while after. Other times they have a slower, more lasting progression, like a fire carefully cared for and stoked for years. Some are lost. People move, lose touch, and fade away.
But sometimes, lost friendships are rekindled, like a flame coaxed from the embers of nearly dead fire.
I recently reconnected with a childhood friend. We lived on the same street for less than two years when I was a pre-teen in the nineties. We swam together at the local pool, hung out, and enjoyed music together. Normal kid stuff. Then one day, I moved away. We lost touch. That hot flame fizzled out and went dormant.
Fast forward 17 years. We had already reconnected over Facebook several years previously, but it wasn’t until I bought a guitar from my friend and saw her in person that we started spending time together.
Despite having been childhood friends for a short time, we hit it off immediately: discussing life, music, philosophy, social justice, everything! We connected on so many levels. It was surreal.
While it has only been a few months since our renewed friendship, we both feel very lucky to have reconnected. I am truly grateful to have found someone I get along with so well. We’ve even started making music together.
However, what I think is truly fantastic is how two grown women who were first friends almost 20 years ago have developed such a strong bond. It just goes to show that friendships can be like banked fires. One only needs to tend the embers to rekindle the flame.
– Jasmine Vesque

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