Bored of Board Games? No Dice!

If board games make you think of Sorry, Monopoly and Scrabble you’re in for a treat. The last two decades have brought a slew of new games, and I don’t just mean Settlers of Catan.

I set out to investigate this pandemic by heading to Beats and Boards at Raw Sugar. As DJ Hobo slapped down the vinyl the competiton was on to collect the most helmets, rice paddies and Buddhas in Samurai.

I tried a more social game called The Resistance which encourages cooperation and paranoia. Can you figure out who to work with and who is a spy when you don’t know anyone?

Cards Against Humanity is especially awkward when you read politically incorrect answers to strangers. It’s more fun than it sounds!

My childhood dream to be a superhero came to fruition in Sentinels of the Multiverse. I chose a hero and got down to the work of defeating a nasty supervillian and his minions. Ouch! Those baddies don’t mess around.

It was decision time; should I try more games or return to the comforting embrace of Candyland? Too late – I was hooked. After one evening I had my ticket to ride.

The opening of board game café Monopolatte made lengthy games more practical. You’ll want to join the crowd locked in a twighlight struggle for victory.

If Sid Meier could have seen me there playing Civilization: The Board Game he would have been proud.

You’ll always feel something as you play. Relief as Gaius Baltar shares “You are not a Cylon” in Battlestar Galactica. Fear as your ship breaks apart in Galaxy Trucker. Elation as your wizard wins the tournament and becomes archmage in Seasons.

Farmageddon, Dice Town, Lost Cities, Infinite City, Sim City; what would we do without you on Friday  nights?

– Andrew Banks


One thought on “Bored of Board Games? No Dice!

  1. Interesting article – I HATED board games as a child, but I believe I turned around when my daughter introduced me to Carcassonne – – Your article makes me curious to check out Beats and Boards!

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